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How does our view of art change if we use different ways of explanation?

Silencio vol.3 is an artistic experiment that challenges the role of explanation in art.

This event showcases different types of performances and we invite the audience to be part of this study by filling out a special form, to help us answer the question: how each way of explanation influences the experience of art. 

🗓️ Date: September 28th, 2023 - 7pm
📍 Venue: Iso Amsterdam

Isolatorweg 17, 1014 AS Amsterdam

Laboratory concept: Unexplained  

  • We challenge the traditional notion of art as something that needs to be explained and delve into the realm of imagination and interpretation.

  • We test how the perception of spectators changes based on various levels of explanation, over-explanation, or the absence of it.

  • We invite the audience to actively participate by filling out a form with questions about the performances and their overall experience. This interactive element allows us to research the element of explanation in the performances.


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